Summer 2004


Summer 2004

Aleksey Dayen

Summertime is always
Sudden on the Northern East Coast

Women in mini-skirts
Swinging their hips

Conducting with their arms and
Creating earthquakes with their breasts

They are taking New York
By the balls

Gimme back my winter
I wanna wander around and wonder
How those girls would look
Without their clothes

Or take me back to a rainy fall
When the streets are deserted
Untouched and never walked upon
By women

It’s hard to walk down the streets
With a hard on

Aleksey Dayen is a Russian/American poet, writer, translator and artist born in Kiev, USSR, who moved to NY in 1994 as a political refugee. He is author of five books of poetry, a book of prose and a book of translations. Aleksey is an editor-in-chief of Chlenskiy Zhurnal - bilingual magazine of literature which includes such participants as Stanley Kunitz, Jack Micheline, AD Winans, Adam Szyper, Hal Sirowitz, Stanley Barkan, Laura Boss, George Wallace and others. Aleksey writes in Russian and English



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