Summer 2004


Summer 2004


One of the fixtures on the New York City poetry performance scene this season has been poet Veronica Golos, who has been debuting A BELL BURIED DEEP.

In the volume, Co-Winner of the 16th Annual Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize, (distributed by Consortium Distributors) Golos explores the complexities of faith, desire, myth and redemption in our time.

In her re-envisioned biblical voices of Sa'rai and Ha'gar and those of Sarah and Harriet under slavery, and their descendents, Ms. Golos creates an ambitious, seamless collection of intense lyric, meditative, and narrative poems.

Veronica Golos, who lives in New York City, comes to the task with some impressive credentials. She teaches for the 92nd St Y, Poets House, and Poets & Writers. From 1999-2003, she was the Artistic Director for Literary Programs at the 14th St Y. She was awarded a three-month artist residency this past summer at the Wurlitzer Foundation, in Taos, New Mexico.

Here is an example from the volume, a grand book in theme and style, which Golos developed through two years of research on the Genesis story, and on slavery in the U.S.


She is raw, as if a great hand whittled her down to bone.
She gleams beneath her eyes; she is full with the death of desire,
with the absence of useless moons. She is the conundrum
of what is filled, her emptiness beyond our ken; she holds
nothing; her skin, a sieve. She is gone beyond
us, where dust is water and water, sprinkling sand.
We have walked with our sandals upon her; we have leaned
into her void. We have called out her name
in the desert; we have found twelve polished stones.

The volume carries with it a strong endosrement from Alice Ostriker, who notes "A Bell Buried Deep is a confluence of three sacred streams: the
sensuous body which is ours and the world's, the passion for justice which craves to undo the oppressions and cruelties we inherit from the past, and the spiritual imagination that is able to generate hope...(her) poetry is lucid, alive, with the specifics of intellectual and emotional experience, and resonant as a bell."

Adds Patricia Smith: "These poems, tender and jolting. . . are concise and lyrical, simply stunning, and no one who reads these painful, liberating musings will close this volume unchanged. Veronica Golos, whose body of work shines with quiet brilliance, crafts these dual voices with strength and unflinching focus. . ."

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