Summer 2004


Summer 2004

Wayne Latheris

I am writhing
snake muscle struggle defines,
codified by rogue gene and
wolf spittle, bobcat spoor,
raven wing shadow
passing at dusk-dark blur.

Buckshot arc swarm
brings down fowl quarry:
pheasant, partridge, woodcock.

Brass shell and rabbit yelp.

Brave buck or doe frozen
in coward hunter's jacklight beam.

Cool dark cave of
hiss and rattle, fearsome
desert sandstorm, cactus blood.

Devil snakes
in Buddha's fearless lap
hiss-purr like contented kittens.


Wayne Atherton is senior editor of The Cafe' Review, a perfect bound poetry & art journal since 1989; also @ He is also, a freelance mixed media collagist interested in collaborative projects for both print and electronic publication, with compatible poets and writers. He may be contacted at



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