Summer 2004


Summer 2004

A.D. Winans

Hard to believe Jack Spicer
Richard Brautigan once
Drank here
Looking at two lawyers
Playing a game of liar's dice
Here at Gino and Carlo's Bar
In the heart of North Beach
their faces white as pie crust
dressed in double breasted suits
And Italian imported shirts
The legal mafia
Making their own rules

The one with the twisted smile
Hides behind his dice cup
His co-conspirator silently poking
At the olive in his martini glass
Looking like a hit man waiting
To fulfill a contract



A.D. Winans

I didn't like it when my father took
me with him for lunch at Compton's
Cafeteria on Market and Van Ness in San Francisco
It wasn't the food which was OK
but the old folks that I feared
The cook was fat and bald
and there was no waitress
The bus boy was old
and not a boy at all
and the people who came there
to eat were retired people
on low incomes
with death warrants for eyes
dabbing at their turkey chins
with crumpled paper napkins
looking like pallbearers back
from a funeral


A. D. Winans was born and resides in San Francisco. He is the author of over 40 chapbooks and book of poetry and prose, and his work has appeared world-wide. A book of his Selected Poems will be published by Feel Free Press in England in late2004.





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