Summer 2005


Summer 2005


low clouds
high ridges

working all day
for peanuts
of the imagination.

what I would give
for the raw slope
of a cashew.


body like a stone
bending currents
wisdom of bedrock
low moans in soft grasses
where a stream might have been
a figure may be traced,
maybe not
something etched in mind


swirled in
jacuzzi current
sipping green tea

mist rising in young dance
to gathered clouds

ha ha
laughs the worker
clearing party remains--

looks like fun

I can think of worse things to do,
but what I had to do
to get here

is what takes the breath


mountains disappear--
winter twilight

full-moon framed--


thermos steam

Halo moon,
free soon

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tom Lavazzi is a poet and critic whose work appears in such journals as Postmodern Culture, American Poetry Review, Symploke, Talisman, The Little Magazine, Mantis: Journal of Poetry, Criticism, Translation; Genre, Poetry Motel, Poetry New York, Post-Identity, Rhizome: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, and Sagetrieb, among others; he is author of three volumes of poetry: Stirr'd Up Everywhere (collage poem/artist's book, A Musty Bone, '95), Crossing Borders (Mellen, 1996), and LightsOut (Bright Hill Press, '05). He edits Estuary: a Journal of Art and Literature and teaches at CUNY-Kingsborough.



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