Summer 2005


Summer 2005


An ocean parked in the driveway of Italy.

Seats warmed by ghost. A red buoy meant
to mark a diver. Stunted pebbles eluding
capture. Exhaust fumes. Or just to curse
the sea she captained, he says, once on
dry land. Wind rattling a window. Two broken blossoms.
Any gravedigger. The time between
spring & summer in an unsynchronized green...

in the afternoon, the sun, a gull --

or the chatter of flip-flaps along a boardwalk.

More signs pointing towards nothing to fight for.

Or a son and mother mistaken for sisters...

as dusk agrees to hide every stain...
on a coastal road narrower than accident.

Maurice Oliver spent almost a decade working as a freelance photographer in Europe. In 1995, he traveled around the world, recording his experiences in a journal instead of pictures, and he began writing poetry. His poetry has appeared in The Potomac Journal, Circle Magazine, Bullfight Review, Tryst3 Journal, Eye-Shot, The Surface, One Forty Two Magazine, Word Riot, Retort Magazine (Australia), Taj Mahal Review (India), Stride Magazine (UK),& online at,, & He lives in Portland, Oregon where he is a tutor.



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