Summer 2005


Summer 2005


please mail me all your money.
as soon as you do it,
i will mail you my address



now, i will have to change all my passwords.
it will be painful to delete the old passwords.
it will be like defeat again, like the objects
you left in the house, like a free sample of death.
but it would be much harder to type your name
each time i check my email.


i have begged the lord many times for mercy,
but i have begged him much more times for the grace
of dying choked by an half cold hot dog in the
crossing between 7th ave and e 47th st
on a mild september night.


Jose Luis Peixoto was born in 1974 in Alentejo, Portugal. His first novella, Morreste-me (You died on me), won the Young Creatorsâ' Prize awarded from the Portuguese Institute for Youth and was translated and published into four languages. His first novel, Nenhum Olhar (Blank Gaze), won the Jose Saramago Literary Award and has already been translated and published in ten different languages. His second novel, Uma casa na escuridao (A house in darkness), has already been sold to three different countries. Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago wrote about him: "Jose Luis Peixoto is one of the most suprising revelations in recent Portuguese literature. I have no doubts that he is the safe promise of a great writer."


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