Summer 2005


Summer 2005


Bare branches claw the attic window,
and ravens bow to the north.

Alone in this high painted room, on this
bed, she is safe and warm,

but she wants night streets in sharp-needled rain,
wants to feel wet and cold.

His hand in hers, she wants to walk
where birds sing to feral cats,

and cats dream a dusty
footprint, a dropped feather-

in Rome or on the Rive Gauche
where Marie Papier sells purple diaries.

Is it better to take a feather,
better to dream the ravens back into the sky

and herself into the attic?
Feather beds may be soft, better... yet not best.

Susan Terris' poetry book s include NATURAL DEFENSES (Marsh Hawk Press), FIRE IS FAVORABLE TO THE DREAMER (Arctos Press), POETIC LICENSE (Adastra Press), CURVED SPACE (La Jolla Poets Press), and EYE OF THE HOLOCAUST (Arctos Press) With CB Follett, she is co-editor of an annual anthology, RUNES, A Review Of Poetry.


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