Winter 2005-6

REVIEW - by John Dorsey

TOO MUCH ME: Poems by David Barker

To begin with, let me just say that I wasn't surprised by the content in David Barker's latest collection. For decades Barker has been giving small press readers, snapshots of the every day, brief glances at our own human nature through his eyes.

“Too Much Me” continues in this tradition, examining his fears regarding age, mortality, and the small things we dwell on long after the sun goes down. This book taps into that sinking feeling, that seems to be going around in this “modern age.”

Though if you look close enough, you'll catch Barker wishing on stars, because it is, as it's always been in his work, the small victories hidden between his lines that keep us reading, and I can only guess, are what keep him going. Barker proves the very valid point of Socrates, we're better off knowing, that we know nothing. A lesson that the poems in “Too Much Me” help to ring true. Highly recommended. (“Too much me” Poems by David Barker Concrete Meat Press, 2 Noel Street, Leicester LE3 0DS, England




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