Winter 2005-6

Lee Rossi


Bottle flies humming on the back porch,
hospital refrigerators stacked with blood.

Outside, the air smothers
like a down comforter.

Remember Job, that just man,
favored of God, covered with boils.

Whatever I thought about leaves
wasn't large enough.

Crickets. Swallows. Mown
grass scented with mold. Bio-mass.

Black flies mumbling
like a priest over the Eucharist.

It's still day, and I'm trapped
in this refrigerator called a house.

A curse,
a temporary curse that night will ease

with her cool washcloth
and chilly, eternal eyes.

Let me suffer then,
the restless leaves converting

light into sugar,
waiting for the chance to breathe.

Lee Rossi's book Beyond Rescue appeared in 1992, from Bombshelter Press, LA. Besides PoetryBay and Long Island Quarterly, his poems have appeared in Chelsea, Poetry East, The Sun, the Southern Indiana Review, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Nimrod, Poet Lore as well as other publications. Recent work has been accepted by The Southern Poetry Review and Pool.



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