Autumn 2000


Stellasue Lee



I've not wanted to leave the house lately.
I've been content as grass growing
wild with color
deeply rooted,
as an old tree with new growth for spring.

I long for nothing -
dream of just where I am,
worry over the indoor plants,
and the camellias coloring the front porch,
the roses gathering strength from winter.

Oh, did I mention the coyote
walking down the middle of the road
at four in the afternoon yesterday?
And that I woke to rain today?
Did I tell you that I put a log in the fireplace

and when the embers turned bright orange,
I added all the court papers,
all but the final decree,
and watched as the whole thing went up?
They burned bright as a sunny day.

Stellasue Lee's work is published in four volumes: "Crossing The Double Yellow Line," a full length manuscript, released in Feb 2000. "After I Fall," a collection of four Los Angeles poets, an exchange of poems with David Widup, "Over To You," and "13 Los Angeles Poets," the ONTHEBUS poets series number one. In 1991 she was given an award by the Board of Library Commissioners and Mayor Tom Bradley for storytelling in the Los Angeles public libraries. Poetry Editor for the literary Journal Rattle, she received her PhD from Honolulu University.




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