Autumn 2000


Norman Minnick Jr



When adults become
the children they put to bed
without dinner or dessert
they push the drink deeper
until the sky becomes
a braver shade of blue.
As the blue slowly turns to black,
the child feels a heavy presence
beneath the bed.
The father tells the child
for the last time
there is no such thing as monsters,
goes back to his own dark room
and slides heavily into bed.
His hand becomes a monster
as it crawls along his wife's belly
toward a place where a bear is trapped,
quivering and afraid.
Unable to do anything,
the husband lays his head back
on the pillow
as a single tear races toward his ear
and whispers, If only you knew.
If only you knew.

Norman Minnick Jr. was was born at mile 607 of the Ohio River in Kentucky "to American parents, Marilyn and Norman Sr." Before writing poetry He has worked as an artist, tobacco farmer, janitor, driver, butcher, screen printer; in a pillow factory, advertising agency, bookstore, and as lead-singer of a punk band with which he toured the country in the late 80's and early 90's. He obtained a BA in Art from Marian College in Indianapolis and currently lives in South Florida.






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