Autumn 2000


Michael Benedikt



This cold is awful, how did the temperature get down there so low? Doubtless it slipped down there by sneaking past us, all hunched over and dressed in the black cloak of night. Because just the other morning we were shocked to awake freezing; and then strolled out to find this world of white, wintry magic: snow falling, hosts of hailstones bouncing, and even our spit suspended. Surely it's time now to make a decision which is truly a matter of life or death: whether to start to make plans to leave right now, in search of some other, far warmer, friendlier and generally more congenial climate--or, if we aren't in a position to depart, whether to try to come to terms with the intermittently drastic and yes alas, even sheer life-threatening iciness each of us occasionally experiences all around us, by becoming a snowman--which is to say, the kind of person who only grows when it snows.




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