FALL 2010

George Spencer


And aren't our brains just instinct driven?  We float down memory lane refulgent with re-colored flowers. Why there's Lillian Gish with one of the Barrymores.  But then it gets a lot crazier. Miracles left and right. Medical men are bleeding, leaching the sick discretely leaving the bill on the table for the next of kin. Over there a trembling Galileo is surrounded by servants of the Inquisition, lighting a fire, boiling extra virgin oil, whispering, wanna be a zeppole O Galileo you thin-skinned Tuscan. Poor guy trying to compose himself, figure out how to save his ass, science and the Galilei name all at the same time. Of course we believe in the family just like him. Everyone needs one. God said so although he lived far away from his family and there's still some confusion as to whether his son was the father of his son or visa-versa and to continue all this we need progeny, all the accouterments, 8-cylinder baby carriages, impoverished nannies jogging to keep up. A family is not easy. Why the average moose loses 40- pounds during the rutting season. But in the end it all come down to instincts, things easily bored like the penis of a15 year-old boy anxious to get out of his underwear and find something fun to do.

George Spencer started the first poetry slam in Quito, Ecuador, co-produce the weekly Thin Air Poetry Cable Show and co-host the ABC No Rio Poetry Series. Recent poems are in Adirondack Review, Spinozablue, Fieralingue (Italy) and Retort (Australia).




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