Edward Field


        -- after "last will and testament" by hans magnus enzensberger

get the goddam flag out of my face, will you!
you can wrap it around a few more corpses from Afghanistan
and shove them into the ground at the garbage dump.
and pull down that goddam wreath, Christmas is over, boys.
just toss it on to the rubble of saddam hussein’s statue,
and let the buggers fight over the ribbons – not a goddam cent for them.
you won’t get any more statements from me, my cell phone is dead,
take your sentimental baloney about the poor Afghans
and throw it to the starving dogs in the gutters.
thank god i don’t have to put on a religious act any more.
tell the bishop to go screw choirboys,
and sell that morality shit to the suckers in church.
I’m finished with putting on a good citizen act.
you don’t even have to build me a marble tomb --
save it for my blowhard buddies, cheney and the rest.
and the piles of paper with meaningless scribblings --
yes, I doodled through all those boring press conferences
and policy discussions, just to keep awake.
so along with my underwear with its skid marks
and the pile of dirty comic books under my bed
just throw them in the furnace – I don’t give a shit.
you think I worry about my everlasting soul?
don’t make me laugh, this frat boy
never gave a good goddam about anything.
ha-ha to all of you – shove it up your butts.

EDWARD FIELDíS MOST RECENT BOOKS are Kabuli Days, Travels in Old Afghanistan (World Parade Books) and The Villagers by Bruce Elliot (Bleecker Street Press). His last book of poems was After The Fall, Poems Old and New (Pittsburgh). He lives in New York.



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