Fall/Winter 2013

Annie Christain


Tequila, but even so,
it was clean in a way that reveals
            what needs to be.

The bottom half
of the other side’s       dash
of half a cup of pre-rinse;

there,     my hand
as strong as a tripod,

there,     all the same,
pre-made before I made it
clean,               my own.

I didn’t stretch the atmosphere like he
to shoot a rocket at a satellite,
                                    so forgive my dancing. 

If you don’t leave,
the plane will take someone else’s regret,
Casablancaed for the rest of your life

so why should I be ashamed
down here on the ground,
                        mostly walking,

but foolish
in a way that can only be called

ANNIE CHRISTAIN is an English PhD graduate from the University of South Dakota. Her poems have been published in Poetry Bay, Arabesques Review, The American Drivel Review, and Beeswax Magazine, among others. She is a three-year recipient of the University of South Dakota’s Gladys Hasse Poetry Award, and she received the 2007 and 2008 Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing at the Southwest Texas Popular Culture Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is currently an Assistant Professor of English at the New York Institute of Technology in Nanjing, China.



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