Fall/Winter 2013

Floyd Salas


Dreams with their strange spatial dimension
That dream with the dead friend in the strange city
and the strange faces I asked directions from
One moves as if under water
able to see but not far
yet able to feel intensely 
that is
feel with the senses
in touch with the inner self
that self
kept hidden in the daylight
that emerges at night
that inner shade
that rises from the sleeping corpse
of oneself
in bed
and acts out
the suppressed thought
the unspoken fears
the wild fantasies
as if in a floating cloud
an invisible world
that will vanish
with the blinking open
of an eyelid  

Can you see the stage dramas taking place
over the heads of every sleeping creature?
Surreal images of transparent form
floating above one
moving as if in slow motion
to a stage set
that trembles into life
heightens into focus?
Can you see
outlines of form
that move and speak and react
as if living in a world
within the world
of the bedroom?
Can you see
the roof
of each particular house
on each tiny part of
an earth
spinning through space
around a molten star
core of burning energy
which will itself vanish one day?
Vanish as completely
as the phantom figures
the actors of the imagination
the simmering unconscious
when you or I

Floyd Salas, recipient of NEA and California Arts Council fellowships among other awards and honors, is the critically-acclaimed author of four novels, a memoir and two volumes of poetry. His novel, Tattoo the Wicked Cross, earned a place on the San Francisco Chronicle's Western 100 List of Best 20th Century Fiction. Tattoo the Wicked Cross and his memoir Buffalo Nickel are featured in Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature (HarperCollins 1994).



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