Ron Whitehead


(from Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon: fragments of a lost text: Volume 2: The Bone Man Saga)

a half mile down the road from our house
dog and I step from gravel to brown grass

then into waist high orange sagebrush we
move through tall leafless oak trees we

pause to listen to wind singing in evergreen
dog smells everything we balance unsteady

on the log bridge dog falls into the creek I
keep an eye out for any and all movements

near and far dog shakes himself dry we
come out of the woods and head up the

hill that overlooks our valley three fourths
of the way up right before the hill's tree line

begins I find a dry mossy spot in the sagebrush
dog following the scent of something had

already entered the forest on the hill but seeing
me stop he returns dog sniffs out his own dry

spot and we lie down ready for an afternoon
nap dog sleeps I stare up at the turquoise

sky and watch the solitary white cloud float
over momentarily blocking the sun the cloud

shapeshifts out of nowhere a crow appears
enters the cloud I wonder if it's lost

Poet, Writer, Editor, Publisher, Organizer Ron Whitehead's newest book, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE THIS TIME: Selected Poems 1996-2000, has just been released by Hozomeen Press, New London, CT (Ron's 3rd Hozomeen release). After Heading up the Poetry Division of The New York Underground Music & Poetry Festival (November 2000), being Advisor for INSOMNIACATHON 2001 (largest Music & Poetry Festival in Kentucky history with 118 poets & 82 bands, February 2001), and producing The United Nations' Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry Louisville Event (240 events in 200 cities round the globe, March 2001). Ron has several new titles coming out in 2001 and 2002. After living in Reykjavik, Iceland, when not traveling he lives in Kentucky. &



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