Anny Ballardini

the world is so full of mysteries
a lawyer could be a bum
a bum a lawyer
a general hiding human truths
a soldier the father one never had
a lover a son or a master or an invisible soul
the moon a lace
a tale a trap
a person a ghost
a ghost someone
a flower a symbol
the truth a dogmatic lie
a priest/nun a devil full of thirsty lust
the drawing of a cat a companion
a candle the absence of light
perfume the smell of ruins
cracks openings to the future
a sight the weight of the past
a wall the emergence of hope
a stone a poem untold
the recitation of drops of water
kerouac's song
and a smile of his
a green beam reaching straight down to the guts
the aerodynamic displacement of a speeding car
a shiver on your right shoulder
the roaring of the engine of a truck
a blind tunnel and dust
& giggling laughter the love of a father and son
a trip a stay
a stay a journey
a residence a prison
a circle an amulet
a frog a sequence
a movie without screen
a red cushioned chair
triggered in the dark
a game of death
reviving passion killing passion
a denial the approval
ways and ways
unsettled ways
in the wild jungle of our well planned day


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