FALL 2007


FALL 2007

Fred Ferraris


A lightning-struck acacia outside an old hotel
A garden with sobbing vines
A shattered bowl in a potter's field
A boiling river of cool dark stones
A sideways glance at a dissipated trumpet
A tarnished canary with impolite songs
A sideboard for storing the same old suet
A disfigured Russian cosmonaut
A curve without a cause
A luxury tax ignoring the obvious
A penis, mechanically enlarged, molded in the shape of a one ton pickup
A soundproofed room that groans in its sleep
A burned flower with blackened roots, easy terms, no money down
A politically charged smoke alarm with automatic bad advice
A case of discontinued genera and overstocked species
A blood sport anthem with flaking trim
A license to carry a concealed feeding tube
A night spent arguing with the oven and losing
A gnomic bellhop at the old hotel
A cocoon a coda a catch

FRED FERRARIS' work has appeared most recently or is forthcoming in: The Cafe Irreal, Caveat Lector, Cold Mountain Review, Diner, Heaven Bone, Mad Blood, Midway Review, Yalobusha Review; also in the chapbooks Marpa Point (Blackberry Books, 76) and The Durango Chronicles, Part One (Blue Marmot Press, 04), a full length book, Older Than Rain: Early & Recent Poems (Selva Editions, 77) and an anthology, Prayers For A Thousand Years (HarperSanFrancisco, 99).




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