FALL 2007


FALL 2007

Philip Ruthen


sarah susanna savannah
sarah susannasavannah
an attempt
at the over-breakfast parade for names, no,
awkwardly looking away from coty pink
lips so shocking that made me wanting a call to tiffany,
i, her truman, ok, was there ever;
glancing back from the bay view
fractionally replaced by shelves for seven and five
regular, ever never on a weekday,
glancing further back
yyeeoooohh great for me too
question that connection, maybe on a sunday,
i meant no more than

to remember when there is a need to know
if the side-winder begins a soft shoe shuffle
with pipework steps to seek oblique and inverted weighted purple hearts;

once, the sugar water, sugar-soft slipped onto shocked ridged
lips, as tender sleeps to-night in day,
tryin’ to forgive that full red metal shift -
it’s like gettin’ to know… then,
gone with brazen ferocity.

Philip Ruthen is a London-based writer - his recent poetry, book reviews, and short fiction can be found on-line or in print at: Nthposition; British Satellite News 08/2006; Survivors’ Poetry; The Poet’s Letter; In our own words Vol 7 - GenerationX international anthology. Further poetry in UK publications appears in: Roundyhouse; The Poetry Church; Automatic Lighthouse - 2nd anthology from tall-lighthouse press; and The Delinquent. He has poetry accepted for the forthcoming edition of Poetry Express, and is a Trustee, and poetry mentor with the UK national charity Survivors’ Poetry. His first poetry collection, 'Jetty View Holding', is due to be published by Waterloo Press (Hove, UK) in 2007/08.



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