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Fall/Winter 2017

Brian Daldorph


sits in his bathtub listening to
Wagner.  What his people don’t realize
is that even The General, as he’s called
with some affection, has his moments
of doubt, times when he feels quite weak:
his knees hurt like hell and his back aches.
He refuses to take medicine
because strong men can take the pain.
He’s thinking of ordering military exercises
on the border of his enemy
or stirring up trouble in a disputed region.
The strong man washes himself all over
with lemon soap.  He’s feeling stronger already.

A bit more war and he’ll feel fine.


Brian Daldorph, Ph.D., teaches creative writing at the University of Kansas and the Douglas County Jail. He is the editor of the literary journal, Coal City Review. His most recent books of poetry are From the Inside Out: Sonnets and Jail Time.



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