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Fall/Winter 2017

Jane Rosenberg LaForge


open the throat to the parenthetical,
the toasting of goals;
to initiative and hindsight
and all of the joys
of a thriftless childhood:

an echo, perfectly
leveled against cement
tethered to the granite;
against the early bedtimes
that were the envy of
all neighborhood parents
and the bane of two little girls
cosseted in flannel and terrycloth;

echo and underside now
disappeared by waves and
currents, the turning that is
necessary though a philosopher
warned against counting on it;

gone is the grass, wet from
sprinklers and cool sunsets:
the citrus and tulips devised
as gifts before they grew
burdensome and deleterious;

all the conditions and creators
that lobbed noises outside
of where politeness permitted;
to traverse real hills and facades
of mountains; they had been
graded and failed when we
hoisted onto them our assumptions:

they would always be here,
right here where we started;
we would always be here
with them, our toes and
barefoot voices; and all
the marriages too, all
the families; as if they
were incapable of hardening
like tree branches we knew
had to be sabotaged from
the inside and insects;
they broke off, as if
phantom limbs and
gangrene curses,
so no one was to catch
the reciprocal or tend
the coordinates: to the grid
of the carousel-looking
house across the canyon
meant to receive us,
though we could easily see
as our parents warned
that like our echoes,
it was collapsing
and vacant. 

Jane Rosenberg LaForge's full-length collection of poetry is "Daphne and Her Discontents" from Ravenna Press. A two-time Pushcart nominee, and three-time Best of the Net nominee, she is the author of a memoir, four chapbooks, the full-length collection "With Apologies to Mick Jagger, Other Gods, and All Women" (The Aldrich Press 2012). Her novel, "The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War," is coming in June 2018 from Amberjack Publishing.



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