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Fall/Winter 2017

Marta Markoska


        Edited by Aleksandra Spaseska
If someone should describe your body
wrapped in a sheet
while I am trying to write
my female contours on your manliness
they might contradict and say
that I am not a creative but a selfish artist
thinking only how to put
a self-note
a footnote
a sign
as if I possess your body
as a work of art, as an icon
wanting love to be immortalized
and preserved from decaying

If someone should describe your nudity
better than me, while we are wrapped
like a taco and our sauces taste
like bitter-sweet vanishing,
then you would be someone else’s sculpture,
and I…
I would be a leaf
that accidentally covered your manliness

Marta Markoska holds a Bachelor of General and Comparative Literature from the Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology in Skopje, and a Master of Cultural Studies from the Institute of Macedonian Literature. Her publications include FIL/L/M/ED STOR/I/ES, Studies and Essays about Movies and Cinematography (2017); Black Holes Within Us, 1st Edition ("Beli Mugri" Award, 2014), 2nd Edition, Macedonian-English ("Todor Chalovski" Award, 2015), Serbian translation "Crne rupe u nama" (17); Culture and Memory (Book of Cultural Studies), 2014; A Discussion on Zen Buddhism: A Religious and Philosophical Transcendence Between Eastern and Western Thought, a Scientific Study (2013); Headfirst Toward the Heights, Poetry (Winner of the "Aco Karamanov" Award); Hyper Hypotheses, a Collection of Essays (11); Whirlpool in Bethlehem, a Collection of Stories (10); and All Tributaries Flow Into My Basin, Poetry (09).

Aleksandra Spaseska is a translator and a journalist from Macedonia, collaborating with authors and working in print and online media in the last 10 years



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