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Fall/Winter 2017

Patricia Martin


Pablo Picasso invaded my interior scape
I have been disfigured
displaced eyes
fragmented breasts
chest torn asunder
heart wrest open, ready to burst
feelings fractured
like a shattered mirror

When did Salvador Dali take his brush to my eye sockets
stroking them into salty dripping rivets
placing the face of the watch into my mouth
elongating the seconds
extending my pain

Jackson Pollack spewed emotions up and down my spine
haphazard attack
the paint still wet
finger-painted anxiety
smeared upon my belly

How brittle am I?
I lie still
holding my breath
waiting for Michelangelo to rescue me
caress me
coax me out from the stone
before I shatter


Patricia Martin is an author, poet, performer, and freelance writer who has been featured at numerous venues and whose work has been published in a various periodicals. A member of the Author’s Guild, Martin collaborated with musician/composer Gus Mancini on ‘In the Moment,” a spoken word and music CD, and hosts SpeakEasy, a monthly poetry/spoken word series in Torrington, CT.



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