Judy Turek

A hole in the middle of a whole
space for possibilities
a bracelet encircles a wrist
a belt surrounds a waist
a hole filled is no longer a hole.
A circle within a sphere
circuitous cycle
learning curve sends us
round and round
like a ball inside a hula hoop.
A universe of planets
turning, spinning, revolving
evolving like the hole in a donut
nothing there, yet without it
there is nothing.
A space within a place
that holds our purpose
a colander without holes
becomes a bowl full of everything
with nothing let out.
A hole in my eye
lets the light seep in
lets the dark creep out
lets me see beyond
the periphery of me.
A ring loops a wedding
love enfolds a marriage
weeks globe days 'til days end
a wreath entombs a monument
a hole in the middle of a whole.


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