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WINTER 2019-2020


Dana Buquicchio


I jump,
And immediately I’m engulfed in the salty blue water.
For a moment, I’m paralyzed by the cold,

But as soon as my head breaks the surface
And the sun hits my face warming me 
I can breathe again.

I feel the coarse sand stick between my toes as I walk back to the shore.
I look out at the vast ocean in front of me, trying to pinpoint a beginning or end.
This is the smallest I’ve ever felt and I’m wonderstruck,

Does anyone else on this beach feel the same way?
As though I’m a dot on a radar
Wandering aimlessly. 

There is so much more to the world than I will ever know.
I leap into the water again
And immerse myself into this moment

Dana Buquicchio currently attends Drew University and is majoring in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. She is from Long Island, New York, and now attends college in New Jersey. Many of her poems provide strong imagery of the beach or the water because that is what she considers home. 



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