Maria Manobianco

I'd sing like the commanding keys of a church organ
strong, moving, directing
marching in tune
daring to sing hymns of redemption
timing, delivery, departure
singing like chimes heralding
the miracle of bread and wine
Body and Blood of Christ
bowing between notes
pounding beats to my grateful heart
sing soft melodious lullabies
in harmony with baby coos
lift notes encouraging touch, healing
pave the future path
strengthen souls
I’d sing with sounds
beyond human reach
blend into Angels’ chorus
awaken the departed to its vibrations
evoke blessing between two worlds
I would sing in cool rhythm
of trees, flowers, wind and rain
hot to the igneous throbbing breath
of the unpredictable world
and surrender to the sound of the OM
instead I sing in a deep, dark scarred voice
screaming betrayal, lusty rants of desire
anger, defiance, revenge
bend, crawl, curse
pitch notes that sink into the bowels of hell


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