Valery Oisteanu

When the clock strikes midnight
Andy eats Campbell’s Tomato Soup
He stops only when he is full
Andy paints Mafia bosses’ mugshots
By morning they are concealed with silver paint
Red paint: Big Electric Chair &Cows 
Red Volkswagen bug, black widows
Wallpaper with amazement on the side
Coats of blood of his own skin
Dracola paints Elvis & Coca-Cola
Red Skulls for the Vampires Ball
Complimentary Warhol cocktail
All red: Mao, Hammer and Cycle
Here comes the red Vampirella
Omnipresent eyes & Songs of Drella 
Broken high heel of red shoe
Finger in every pie baked anew
Everybody must have a fantasy
His was sex with red violoncello 
Exploding Plastic Inevitable S&M
Strange creatures surrounded him
Life is just another party at the Silver Factory 
He never fell apart or together
One day Andy just slipped away
Unfeeling, appealing, revealing…



VALERY OISTEANU is a poet and artist of the avant-garde. A new art-book of Vis-Po (Visual Poetry) collages titled ”Lighter than Air”appeared in Spuyten Duyvil Press NYC (2017). He has performed poetry-musical collaborations with jazz artists from all over the world in sessions known as "Jazzoetry". Recipient of the Kathy Acker Award, NYC, 2013, for contribution to the American avant-garde in Poetry Performance.