Chocolate Waters

      (for Eileen Myles at the Dodge Festival, Oct. 19, 2018)

 I didn’t like you
Was gonna give you my Why I Hate Eileen Myles poem
I didn’t wanna know you
feel you
hurt w/you
I didn’t wanna be with
yr pain
or mine
I didn’t wanna share my wisdom
compassion for you or
yr poetic suffering
I didn’t wanna love you
I didn’t even wanna like you…
                *The zodiac sign of Scorpio cannot stand anything false or superficial. Venus’ transit through Scorpio is a time to get up close and personal, deepen your relationships and purge them of false pretenses.

Chocolate Waters is a continuously evolving radical feminist poet and celebrant of the new power of the feminine. She currently conducts workshops for women and seniors on finding the unique truth and beauty in our poetry. Her latest book, Poetry Slut/Poetry Saint, (Eggplant Press, NY, NY) will be published in 2020.