Thomas Tuthill

Let’s look at death today
Look him in the face
Not in the eyes
He has no eyes
There is no need to see
Let’s talk, ask the question
He has a dark hole and
Nothing to say
He is the event horizon
He is the singularity

Why would he answer?
What could he possibly tell us?

The stars and the planets
The raised dust on the moon
Maybe yet to settle again
Comets and asteroids
Oceans and clouds
Senses and love
The vast mystery is all mine, not his.

Tom Tuthill (1949-2019) started out as a photographer and reporter for the progressive trade union and civil rights movements, and published photos and writing in Liberation News Service and 1199 News. In his last years he wrote poems and creative non-fiction pieces, and participated in writing workshops and readings in New York City and Woodstock NY.