Spring 2001


Neca Stoller

"Ripeness is all." Shakespeare

The astrology of the yard is intractable. Morning slides over the lawn like
an eclipse of light, and I bend for the Ledger-Enquirer, noting with
curiosity the orbits of earthworms as they leave the freedom of dirt. From
the first most fear light, recoil from the journey, but some wander through
soil blindly crawling toward the hypothesis of the sun. Shining in its
questioned glow, they rotate steadily, slightly boundless. In minutes they
are dead, their small masses solidified, shriveled by the heat. Left on the
pavement curved and dense as planetoids, their dark segments are like an
augury- gauged, etched and nearly illegible.

Neca Stoller was born and raised in Georgia. She has three books published: Bound by Red Clay, Piedmont Stubble and How to Write Haiku. Her haiku poetry has won international prizes and her free verse has appeared in magazines and placed in assorted contests.




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