FALL 2009

Amy Hess


 I am from jump ropes,
from band aids and neosporin.
I am from the sandstone in the driveway.
(Brown, grainy
it felt like seeds stuck in my teeth.)
I am from the rhododendron bush,
the bleeding heart
whom blooms of love
as such do I.

I am from home crafted Christmas exchanges and strong hearts,
from Leona and Virginia.
I am from the selfless-givers and re-gifters,
from "settle down" and "go play outside".
I am from 'For I am not ashamed...',
and the freedom of choice.

I'm from rolling hills and Czechoslovakia,
fried chicken and garden picked corn on the cob.
From the toes my grandfather burnt in a farm fire,
the chickadees my mother threw on the smokehouse wall.

I am from old tin cans,
the dusty proofs of country life.

Amy Hess was recently elected as Vice President of the West Virginia Poetry Society. Her poetry has appeared recently in The Taj Mahal Review, HazMat Review, The Oak, SP Quill Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Aguilar Expression, and has won a few online poetry forum competitions. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and remodeling her new home.




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