FALL 2009

Felicia Zamora


.These limbs gone wooden
My leaded veins
Like Melville and his Ishmael
Know the sea’s call
Resides in the sky,
The tunnel of the ear,
The empty pupil
Constricting to hold
Pencil between forefinger and thumb,
The long spinal column
Slopping over the golden mahseer’s gills
Flapping through each
Feather of the white-bellied heron
With rodent or insect in beak
Body smashed, snatched
From the rock face
Piles to form the jagged
Rise of the Himalayas
Jet streams speaking, Hold
Chainsaws on shelves
So Devdors stand solid
Amid the sea of Tethys
Amid the rooting silence
Of soil or salt water growth
To be born after birth
My thirty rotations of season
A reflection growing
Out of Narcissus
Into Narcissus
To never dive but remain
Afloat in the waves
That more or less love in each lap
Song to open the opened
The mariner and tune as one
Water inside and out
Flows to remind
To board or sink


Originally from the Midwest, Felicia lives in Colorado. She works as an academic advisor in the College of Business and is a Master of Fine Arts student in creative writing, both at Colorado State University. When not at work or in classes, Felicia spends time with her partner, Chris, and two Chow-mixes, Howser and Levine. Other published works may be found in Academic Advising Today, Poetrybay, Ruminate, Matter, The Great Ecstatic Reporter, Walt’s Corner, The Honey Land Review, forthcoming in zaum. and forthcoming in The Black Market Review.




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