Summer 2000


Jim Tyack



Lilith is smoking in the mall
her tits hard and throbbing like
arcade pinball
some guy in Sear's keeps looking
down her top and when she looks

up at him his eyes dart to the 9 foot
Sony showing Cher flicking her hair
she wants to grab him by the nuts
in a Vulcan Death Grip and monster
his ass out the back door

into some virtual hell
blue light sunshine backyard barbecue
Brian Gumble Martha Stewart
dogs with no teeth
vampires with awls and straws
mech-age insurance salesmen
in bangs and leiderhosen
small town folk with spirit to spare
and yards of quick-lynch nylon
death metal crews on acid and Italian ice

Oh the mall
Oh Cineplex III
Oh The Gap
Oh Baskins
Oh robins




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