Summer 2000


Diane Wakoski


Each oyster clean sidewalk
rushes by our feet, kisses our chanterelle shoes,
whiffs moments of
waveless path - a saltless ocean -
and sends us unrippled,
wandering our village streets.

It's a holiday
and everyone's at the shore,
or mushrooming in Morel-woods,
no humans
but Robert and me,
the unmarked cement without
even a red autumn leaf
shaped like a hand,
or a boat,
left to clutter its swath.

We touch each other
with hedgehog abandon, for the field
mushroom wet emptiness,
the clarity,
the lack of expectation.
A perfect truffle of an afternoon.

So glad to be walking in our shitake brown shoes,
so grateful for our infinite
mushrooming, gliding,
puffball feet.

Diane Wakoski is the author of several recent volumes of poetry through Black Sparrow Press, including ARGONAUT ROSE, THE EMERALD CITY OF LAS VEGAS, JASON THE SAILOR, MEDEA THE SORCERESS. She lives and teaches in Michigan.


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