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View From The Launch Pad, by Casey Cyr


Mystic New Yorker Casey Cyr's latest collection of Words and Images, View from the Launch Pad (Hozomeen Press, New London Ct 01) graphically depicts the sacred and the profane. It is astute in its poetic analysis of history: "a ritual of impermanence." It is austere in its hawk's eye view of the present world: "i die with the world's dying." It is lyrical in its undaunted hope for our possibile future: "a lovingkind God dream."
Painter Poet Musician Cyr, a modern day prophet, views the world's angelic potential from atop Mount Hozomeen, "Blake's celestial commune/ with the angels of light," and from the world's style-driven soulless reality of New York City's guttered streets, "soul replaced with style/ the-world-is-my-ashtray jokers abound/ IN THE ME FIRST TOWN!"
Simultaneously facing light and dark, Cyr, like Kenneth Patchen and William Blake before her, asks ancient questions, questions that are more relevant today than ever: "what is there to have? what shall we do without us? How Long to Sing This Song? how do we change the artist's fate? how do I hold on? why hold on? how do you like that one? how does anybody heal? who knows? What can I do? Do we have enough mud? and starlight? Are the coconut trees happy? What can we do for cherry blossoms? How do we dance with junebugs? Can we make more appreciation? Which one of you has eight legs? What kind of nuclear warheads were those? is it but One face I see? only One face all along? what else is there to contemplate?"
Casey Cyr's poems, paintings, and songs are simply complex. They are direct and honest expressions of her heartfelt desire to help make the world a better place in which to live.
Jean-Louis Lebris
de Kerouac

your Little Flower Bum sings

your David Amram fluting dreams
shine among these alleluia stars
shine up to the halleluie heaven
for you know
as when you were here

how do we change the artist's fate?
while the business suits collect and destroy
the fragile home often called "real estate"

the artist plucks and paints

opening the beach flowers of
neptune's orchestra

electric cinema of stars
(from "To Dream in Kerouac's Playground")

They are born of deepest conviction, conviction that, despite our apparent powerlessness in a world gone mad with greed, hatred, and powerlust, it is still possible for each of us to make a difference, to heal ourselves and help heal others, to protect and help heal the earth. Is it naive, ridiculous to hope for such things? Even if it's too late, even if we've gone too far down the path of self-destruction to resurrect the human race and the earth, I choose, in these last days final hours, to stand in the trenches with Casey Cyr and the handful of others round the world who choose to pour their lives into the healing cup. the future the prevailing concerns and vested interests
will dare ask the questions:

Do we have enough mud? and starlight? to the powers that have always been.

Are the coconut trees happy?
What can we do for cherry blossoms?
How do we dance with junebugs?

Can we make more

One fine day.

One infinity
at a time,
the universe says.
(from "Vested Interests")

Casey Cyr's beautiful new book is a glowing gem lightening our dark night. Reading, seeing, hearing her work gives me hope that it's not too late for the human race, for this world.

Poet, Writer, Editor, Publisher, Organizer Ron Whitehead's newest book, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE THIS TIME: Selected Poems 1996-2000, has just been released by Hozomeen Press, New London, CT (Ron's 3rd Hozomeen release). After Heading up the Poetry Division of The New York Underground Music & Poetry Festival (November 2000), being Advisor for INSOMNIACATHON 2001 (largest Music & Poetry Festival in Kentucky history with 118 poets & 82 bands, February 2001), and producing The United Nations' Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry Louisville Event (240 events in 200 cities round the globe, March 2001) Ron (Director of the literary renaissance) is working with Richard Deakin and Derek Woodgate (Director of fringecore) to produce LIPS: The London (England) International Poetry and Song Festival (October 2001). Ron has several new titles coming out in 2001 and 2002. After living in Reykjavik, Iceland, when not traveling he lives in Kentucky. &



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