Allan Peterson


She was now so little herself they could not visit
their old friend so deep in her illness
They were sorry but she shrank gradually
till her circle was the house
then two rooms, then just within her reach
like a spill drying, a drought lowering the water table,
finally just the bed and thinning arms
pulling at the covers like a rope, a long way out
Two weeks ago she passed between her last
two sisters to pool lightly in the sheets,
smoke and dry goods brought to this: a few fluids,
strings, a tiny paper howl.

Allan Peterson's poetry manuscript, "Anonymous Or," won the 2001 Defined Providence Press competition and is forthcoming, along with poems in Fine Madness and Notre Dame Review. Recent print appearances: Marlboro Review; Rhino 2001; Pleiades; Bellingham Review; Iron Horse Review; Amherst Review; Southern Poetry Review. Recent Online:; 2Riverview; Drexel Online Journal. Awards: Florida Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry; NEA Fellowship in Poetry.


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