Joseph Bruchac With Peacemaker's Eyes
Rob Carraway Sampson
Holly Day Mask of Discontent
Peter Desy Expectation
David Lawrence


Melissa Montimurro Some Days
Gary Lawless


Nancy Henry Instruction
Remembrance Day
Susan Pilewski Never
Alan Semerdjian Cubism
M A Schaffner Forecast
Jillian Johnstone Homecoming
Her First Love Poem
Jason Silverstein Bandits
Michelle Brooks Fill In The Blanks
Susan Marie LaVallee

A Box of Crayons
Night Ride

Steve Orlen One-Man Band
Mihai Ursachi Three Poems by Mihai Ursachi, translated by Adam J Sorkin and others
Ted Booky

Hard, by Nancy Henry
Make Your Way Across This Bridge, Patti Tana

Sarah Hannah Forty Floors from Yesterday, Stephen Massimilla

George Wallace

Yevgeny Yevtushenko: On Poetry and Performance
Christopher Morley On the Rocks
And Claude Pelieu, Mary Beach Exhibition
Raffling Nelson Algren's Chair




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