Winter 2001


Bonnie St. Andrews


San Francisco's famed piano bar in the Clift Hotel is
paneled entirely from a single 2,000 year old redwood - Frommer's Guide

Chilled wine and Chopin
By golden gate and beryl sea
In a town wrapped in mist and the Mystery

I sit in a heart gleaming with
Sepia light
Throbbing with forest life

And make this prayer
Nestled in a tree transmogrified
To piano, harp, and history

May there be blood enough
In me to some day feed
A redwood tree.  May my bones

Be found suitable for flutes
And my hair woven into
Nests of owl and redwing.

May my offering be accepted
On a great green altar
And in my time and turning

May these molecules, too,
Become music and my soul
(Like this soul) sing.

B.A.  St.Andrews, whose poems appear in THE PARIS REVIEW, CAROLINA QUARTERLY, JAMA, THE GETTYSBURG REVIEW, teaches creative writing at the Center for Bioethics & Humanities, Upstate Medical University.  Syracuse, NY.


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