Winter 2001


Howard Camner


She wanted to be a ballerina
but she had webbed toes
so she became a mermaid instead
All day long she would sit on a rock by the sea
comb her hair, sing sweetly, and devour men
No, she never could perform an open sissonne ouverte
posing at a 90 degree arabesque angle flying to the side
as in the classical ballet "The Idiot"
but she could bite a man's head off
and in my book,
that's more impressive

Short bio:

Howard Camner is the author of 15 books of poetry. His books are in the 100 most prominent literary collections in the world, including 10 historical archives and six royal libraries. He currently is representing the United States in the Poet 2000 Sculpted Library, an international exhibition of contemporary poets worldwide.


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