Norman Minnick


He stands with his chimera
as best man and she steps
slowly toward them
pulling a small band of gypsies
in the train of her dress.
They will accept nothing less
than perfection from him.
Flowers are tossed at her feet,
a hired band plays the Canon in D
as two sets of parents twice divorced
sit opposite each other
crying. The violinist
is having a heart attack,
though no one takes notice.
The minister smiles,
showing perfect rows of teeth.
He knows exactly how much
the family will give
to the church each week.


How odd to stand alone
in a field of melons.

Our mother would have told us
as we lumbered home

with the largest one
to march right back

and take no more
than you can eat alone.

It is no wonder
a man won't leave his mother

when she has so much
left to say.

Norman Minnick has lived in Kentucky, Indiana and South Florida, but can often be found with his feet up in Key West. He has degrees in Art and Creative Writing. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in Stand, The Seattle Review, Notre Dame Review, Appalachian Heritage and The Caribbean Writer among others. He recently won the Academy of American Poets prize.


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