Cary Griffith

Does the fish slowly digesting
in the prehistoric craw
forgive the crane its feeding?

Does the Iris forgive
Summer for withering its bloom?

And what about the day?
Does it forgive interminable night?

When the wide spoke of the world
turns, do we ask 'whither hence,' or
'how long'?

Cary Griffith

About the time frogs start croaking with
Spring rise and egrets return,
turtles cross our roads.

They don't obey our signs.
I never met one who didn't
J-walk or steal fish.

Hard to imagine how some pre-
modern cultures considered them
harbingers from a sacred world.

I always swerve to miss them
though can't seem to shake their
mangled bodies wavering my center line.

Cary Griffith has published several poems in various print and online publications, including The Adirondack Review, the Red River Review, and The Fairfield Review. He studied poetry writing with Tess Gallagher a very long time ago, as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa.


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