Winter 2005



Geraldine Green

In a room full of collage and music hung a painting. Pale smoke, the lemon of winter night, the arctic blue in the light of snow. Deep orange, burnt into slim oblong, a tree on fire. Indigo the eyes of a cormorant seen in Madras.

Beneath, or somehow below the shadows of trees, I caught a glimpse of horizons burning.

And beyond the horizons burning I caught a chill breathing full and slow. I could feel the mist pour from the mouth of a polar bear as she made ready to plunge into an ocean.

In the harbour at the side of the painting, where the pale lemon light shone, I saw a woman. She was carrying a fishing net filled with tangerines and mackerel which she threw into the sky.

And I saw the sunrise.

Beside her a man, playing an ocarina, was sitting under a baobab tree. It was filled with monkeys and bears and hula hoops and stars and black apes and singing african elephants. And hot snakes bellied across the sand.

Oh it was a marvel! Green and grey and lemon and burnt orange mangroves fell from his music. And the woman danced as the sun rose and the man laughed and it was good.

And all the instruments of sound born from stones flew towards them, circling like great fruit bats. And I woke with a grain of sand in my palm.

Geraldine Green is a Cumbrian-born UK Poet with Irish roots and a European sensibility, who writes with what Giles Darvill describes as a heartfeltness for 'the wasted world and its oiled words.' Her publications include The Skin; and The Land Songs, Geraldine Green, Joan Poulson, Charles Johnson, both published by Flarestack.



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