Winter 2005



Peter Lewin
After the painting by Dorothea Tanning

201's ajar, a slant of light:
the eye of a nightmare.
Giant sunflower broken
on the landing;
petals on the stairs.
Children traumatised:
8 year old Mary
corkscrew golden hair
torn dress; yellow
petal in hand -
leaning by the door:
washed out, blood drained.

Jane 7, ripped skirt;
hair rippling upwards:
no apples in the cheek --
just a face of grief.
The sunflower a crucified
Christ cut down from heaven.

Someone's dying out
of frame in room 209.
In 207 a raven's pecked
out teddy's brown eyes.
Outside a snowstorm;
and the virgins are the
bone-chimes of tomorrow.

Peter Lewin grew up in 'the idyllic village of Silverdale' in North Lancashire. His book of poems "Silverdale" was published in 2003 by Kendal Press, Lancashire. Poems by Lewin have appeared in Rialto, Crane, Coffee House, Pennine Platform, Brando's Hat, Poetry Nottingham, Psychopoetica and other magazines and anthologies.



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