Winter 2005



Deborah Poe

what is unsettled between us
is how I believed you’d died
the motorcycle crash on 405
the same age and red bike
it’s hard to let go of you alive
what is unsettled between us
is the long hair that slips
around the hair tie
the whirlwind word play
the way our bodies tucked
into each other
and the perfect temperature
of being together
after the heat
your eyes a tattered tumbleweed
your mouth a ticking time bomb
your hands a velvet elvis
how can i tell you
it’s been three years
and not a day goes by
it’s as if you died
but there you are
alive in a dumbed down trickery
your own mythology
there was a field of alpacas
there was the cabin called treehouse
there were the trucks
4x4 sex and goodbye
how could a love be so full
and empty me like a late night street
tell me, long hair,
what is it that makes you speak
will you only come to me in those dreams
what does your mouth do now
who is it bent towards in love
here, look at my pockets
i’ll turn them inside out
outside you’ll see my grief
hanging by a thread.

Deborah Poe’s writing has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Majenta, Solo Magazine (review), Jeopardy, Poetry Midwest, and Snow Monkey, and Hamilton Review. Her chapbook ,,clitoris,, ,,vulva,, ,,penis,, was published in April 2004 by Furniture Press. She received her Master of Arts at Western Washington University and is working on her PhD at Binghamton University SUNY.



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