Winter 2006-7

Mankh (Walter E Harris III)


One man believes heaven is as far from here as the crow flies.

One man pulls a rabbit out of a hat
but deep inside he believes that a hat out of a rabbit
would really be something.

One man pulls on the cord that rings a bell in heaven
but the only thing that comes running is a white-tailed rabbit
and the man is surprised because he expected rain or wind
or something less like himself because
he believes heaven is only a stone's throw away.

One man hears chimes and knows the wind is near
and marvels at black wings under the midnight sky.
He moves real quiet too
not wishing to startle the already skittish rabbit.

When grey dawn blandly starts a new day,
One man steps out of heaven, puts on a hat,
walks down to the stream and skims a stone across the water.

Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) is a poet, essayist and small press publisher. Author/Editor of seven books, including Modern Muses: How Artists Become Inspired and Haiku One Breaths, he also teaches workshops on haiku. His website:



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