Winter 2006-7

Michele Surat


And do you notice how,
when sitting still, the green
diffuses so that you,
alone in this bit of wood,
escape the highway?
You enter this translucent
breath, trees and beaded rain,
this place where summer's
late, ragged wings graze
floating light.  It's one of those
moments when a world opens
behind you, humming viriditas
and earth's redeeming mud
anoints your feet.
                       Note: Viriditas is St. Hildegarde of Bingen's word that may be translated as the greening of all things.

Michele Surat is a poet and fiction writer living in Richmond, Virginia.  In September 2005, she was included in Image/Word, a collection of poems inspired by paintings in the Maier Art Museum (Lynchburg, VA). Last summer she was one of sixteen poets chosen from a national competition to read her work in the Poetry Under the Stars series in Washington, DC. She has been a poetry fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts several times, and has received fellowships and scholarships from NEH, the Jenny McKean Moore Foundation, and the Walker Foundation. Ms. Surat currently teaches creative writing and American literature in Richmond.



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