Fall/Winter 2016

Daniel Dissinger


look city
city here
and shattered mirrors    city
and burned down houses
city like limbs and abandonment
and trivial    apparatus city
do you still understand this loss
city    sense of flesh city the ash now and bones
these    city    newly formed city    ruins hollowed out    city
from mouths to chest
these unfortunate times we have   city
to trick city and city ourselves  
that we love how it’s violent city and dark city I live
city    on the subway noise inhale city it’s callousness    and city regal city stature city this would be city
romantic and hurtful city and look here city
I’m holding this tulip
for you city    this massacre
small stitching along their lips
like how salt dries on chests   city    body    you are sleep
all night cold city    headache city
the number of breaths it takes    city    to recognize absence

city    it’s like sweet tastes of flesh city lazy evening city deeper red sunset and plants on these windowsills


Daniel Dissinger is a New York poet, scholar, and creative writing coach who just earned his PhD at St. John's. He's performed his Remix Poetix style at New York City Poetry Festival, Queens Lit Festival, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Bridgewater International Poetry Festival in Virginia, and more.



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