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Winter 2018/19

Edward Vidaurre


In a box, double bagged
Ziplock tight, with all his might

12 years old, torn clothing
Walking non-stop, no rides offered

Bloody knees from a fall miles away
Dry mouth and skin, he holds tight

Grandma is coming with, in a box
Double bagged, ziplock tight

During a break, Eduardo pulls a
Torn and dying marigold from his pocket

Sets the box down, sets the marigold in front
Of the box, he pulls a stick of gum out,

Chews on it for a while, sets it on the box
It’s his ofrenda for this Dia de los Muertos,

Eduardo looks at his surroundings
Huixtla sends him a gentle breeze

He dreams of a warm bath with lots of bubbles
A plate of hot food and a cold drink

He lays down, next to his grandmother,
He cries silently, dreams of her voice saying,

“I’m proud of you, I’ll be here when you wake.

EDWARD VIDAURRE is the 2018-2019 McAllen, Texas Poet Laureate and author of five collections of poetry: Ramona & Rumi: Love in the Time of Oligarchy & Unedited Necessary Poems (Hercules Publishing 2018) is his latest. He Lives in McAllen, TX with his wife Liliana and daughter Luisa Isabella.



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